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tv   News 4 Today at 430  NBC  November 10, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EST

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native venezuela. a gunman abducted him from his home. ramos had just completed his rookie season with the nationals. he's considered to be one of the nationals best young players. also developing this morning here, dumping body parts in a virginia landfill. the practice of dumping the remains at this king george landfill took place between 2003 and 2008 and only applied to remains that could not be identified. those remains are now buried at sea. the revelation comes just days after investigators discovered the mishandling of remains at the dover air force base mortuary. i hope you enjoyed yesterday. savior it. savor it. right now at reagan national,
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it's 48. we've got 100% humidity. so we've had some fog forming. we've got a light east-northeasterly breeze. but those winds will be increasing this afternoon bringing in chilly weather. over the last 12 hours, we've had showers out in western virginia, western maryland. that front has yet to come through. right now, it's partly cloudy, patchy, dense fog, especially in areas east and southeast of washington and it's in the 40s there. it's still fairly mild now, but it's not going to warm up much. just into the perhaps upper 50s by later this afternoon. sunrise at 6:45. and then we're going to have that full moon rising this evening, although it's probably going to be obscured by some clouds and maybe a passing shower. there's a small chance of that. it does now look like that may not happen until later this afternoon. this morning, we'll have, perhaps, a little sunshine in and out and the wednesday will increase by later this afternoon, as well, gust to go around 20 to 25 miles per hour
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and even gets a bit stronger tonight as colder air surges in. big changes on the way for this evening and into tomorrow. a look at your evening planner, that will be at 47k 41. danella, good morning. how is traffic? >> traffic is light. but i'm seeing a foggy commute for a lot of you. on 50, you're in the green in both directions. but definitely seeing a lot of fog. here is the view at lottsford vista. on the outer loop as i traveled in this morning, i saw a lot of fog in the outer loop of the beltway in maryland, so be careful. here is the view at duke street. not seeing any issues for you on 395. you're clear aus make your way over the sh e street bridge. not seeing anything to slow you down yet, except for the fog. >> danella, thanks. this morning, republican
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hopeful rick perry can now name the three agencies he would dissolve last night. but last night he drew a blank. >> xherz, education and the -- what's the third one there? let's see. >> you can't name the third one? >> the third agency of government i would do away with. education, the -- >> commerce. >> commerce. and let's see. i can't. the third one i can't, sorry. >> well, later in the debate, perry finally remembered that he said he would eliminate the energy department as president. afterward, perry sent a message on twitter saying, quote, really glad i wore my boots tonight because i stepped in it out there. i did still name two agencies to eliminate.
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obama has never done that. >> herman cain talked about talgzs against him. he said that the american people deserve better than someone getting tried in a court of public opinion based on unfounded accusations. this morning, sharon bialek says cain must have, quote, amnesia when he said he did not remember her. she came forward this week to say cain groped her when she came to him for help in the '90s. two other women say cain harassed them. they have not been identified publicly. italy's borrowing costs now soared to a new record high above 7% after sylvia berlusconi announced wednesday that he would resign.
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italy's debt is too large to bail out. if it's economy fails, the effects would effect europe and the united states. yesterday, the dow fell 398 points, nasdaq down 105 points and the s&p 500 was off 46 points. today, defense secretary leon panetta will dedicate the facility in bethesda. it's a result of a merger between the walter reed melt center and the navy medical center. the integration was part of brac. >> a memorial lists the names of those who lost their lives during that war. today, engineers -- >> today engineers will prepare
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to fill cracks in the washington monument. that same crew that propelled down the washington monument back in september will be back at work. they'll set up ropes and equipment for the weatherzation work to begin on monday. the superintendent of the national mall and memorial parks say this is a temporary solution until more permanent repairs can be made. it will take five days to complete and costs an estimated $240,000. a member of the treasury department is facing charges of assault and battery. police say he punched a virginia heights football player. that's according to the washington post. edward kosak is accused of punching a 16-year-old player for the hilton high school team in late october. his son plays for potomac high school and there was a may lay
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on the field after the game. last night, william roman turned himself over to park police in lafayette park across from the white house. he told the white house police officer he was tired of running and gave up. roman is accused of robbing a 79-year-old man in 1997 and appeared twice on america's most wanted. an 8-year-old is lucky to be alive after getting hit by a metro bus. this happened on 29th street and friendship heights. the x3 bus was traveling down the road when the bus ran out on the street. >> this operator has had upwards of three decades of experience. so he's seen this kind of thing before, but it's always unnerving when you have something that's this close. >> the boy suffered only a bruise on his left hip. accidents rarely occur because drivers go through an intensive
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two months of training to avoid and anticipate these accidents. leaders help to avoid another snowmegeddon. the committee was formed after a snowstorm left thousands stranded on the roads back in january. the region's traffic system should be in effect 24/7 and that all traffic signals should have battery backup power. we're hoping not to see another snowstorm like that this winter. that one quite a mess. >> not even a snowflake? >> my kids will be mad if i say no snowflakes at all. a frantic scramble to find survivors this morning after another earthquake in turkey. a powerful winter storm that has alaskans feeling like they've been hit by a hurricane. plus, hope you enjoyed our
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nice fall weather, because the mean fall weather is headed our way. we
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you would, take a look at this. winds as high at 100 miles an hour are hitting alaska as well as giant waves and snow are
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pummeling homes. many homeowners left in the town of gnome are being warned of more waves and possibly a blizzard heading their way. if that's not a blizzard, i don't know what is. >> and when it's bad for alaskans, you know it's really bad. >> let's go to tom and see what our forecast calls for. tom. >> here, we've got patchy fog to deal with. that's the main weather issue this morning. we have a cool front now moving into the mountains. it's producing a few showers out in west virginia, cumberland, allegheny county getting a few sprinkles this morning. and temperatures are still a bit on the mild side comparatively. it's all about freezing. 48 from reagan international. we have some patchy fog, so watch out for that this morning. and as the day progresses, we're
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only going to peak in the upper 50s this afternoon. sunshine in and out. there is the possibility of a passing shower mainly this afternoon and the winds will be increasing as we get into the evening hours and the leaves will come flying down. the clouds should clear out. we'll be down to near 40 by midnight and much colder than that tomorrow morning at this time. a look at that and a look at in ten minutes. we're still seeing a lot of fog in our area. along i-270, i'll give you a live look at falls road. traveling 270 as you make your way out of urbana, i'm not seeing any accidents, no major delays for you while you're making your commute. traveling i-66 in virginia, user clear as you make your way inside the beltway and through the rosalyn tunnel. no issues for you. here is some bowling action. >> oh, yeah, there you go. >> you're going to need to get your own ball and some shoes, danella. >> that is a great picture.
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thanks very much, danella. still to come, a warning for you to check your freezer this morning. a new product is being recalled because of concerns of sam mow nell la. also ahead, that feeling you get while stuck in gridlock could be something more serious than frustration. plus, how much you make might not be the most important thing for would-be employees.
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good morning and welcome back. rescue workers pulled a woman to safe safety. she is part of a rescue and relief team. sent from japan to help clean up the same area six weeks ago. so far, at least seven people have been killed in this latest tremor.
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food safety officials have issued a recall on chicken lives. they have been responsible for at least 89 cases of salmonella. the liver has been sold under the meal mart brand. officials say they aren't taking any chances. now to a news 4 exclusive, a look at where the pot may be groan for the medical marijuana business. some residents in the northeast sections of d.c. are furious. they say they fear their neighborhood should be ground zee for a business they view as unseemly. >> we're in the heart of a community where issues are plagued with drugs for many, many years. >> how are they going to deal with security? how are they going to deal with
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people selling their medical marijuana? >> residents can voice their concerns at two meetings being held before the city must decide where to set up shop. an interview with dr. conrad murray before the verdict was announced, murray talked about the use of propofol. >> don't you bear some responsibility? the propofol is in that room because you prescribed it to him. >> this is the situation. it's difficult. i met michael and he was absolutely having use of that substance long before i got there. >> but own your portion of it. were you right to leave him in a situation where he had the opportunity to inject himself? >> well, i'm going to say that
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was not a -- situation. if mr. jackson -- >> it wasn't? >> no. had i known what i know today in retrospect, that mr. jackson was an addict and he had shared that information with me, addicts may behave in a way that is unreasonable and you would consider it. >> but you yourself just said he was a desperate man. >> desperate. >> and he left him alone with propofol. >> he was asleep. >> savannah guthrie's full interview will air this morning and then tomorrow morning on the "today" show. new details about the solyndra bankruptcy. the e-mails released by a house committee show the donor, george keiser discussed a loan to the company previously.
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solyndra was the first renewable energy company to get a federal loan. under the 2009 stimulus law. it declared bankruptcy back in september. a new report says the fbi should move to a new location. the government accountability office says the j. edgar hoover billion is aging and deteriorating. there are options, but all of them are costly. they can stay put in that building, renovate the building, demolish the building and rebuild it at the same site or build a new headquarters at a new locations. all four of those options could cost anywhere from $4 million to $657 billion. there is a new warning out this morning on the danger of traffic fumes. researchers say auto exhaust appears to have an impact on mental capacity, intelligence, and emotional stability of people. and if you drive in the washington area, you are stuck in traffic jams a lot of the time. the region had the most wasted hours for commuters last year, followed by chicago and new
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york. a new survey finds some college graduates are picking jobs based on the company's facebook status. one in three college students says the freedom to use social media sites like facebook is more important to them than the paycheck. two-thirds of those surveyed say that social media is so important to them, they would have about social media policies during job interviews. i guess priorities have changed, you know? 4:51. time for weather and traffic on the 1s. tom is here to tell us about changes coming along. >> yes. they're going to be bringing in some changes by later tonight and into tomorrow. right now, though, it's fairly pleasant compared to what it's going to be like by this time tomorrow morning. it's at 48 at reagan national. it matches the dew point. we have 100% humidity. hence, some fog is beginning to form. over the last 12 hours, we've had hours in west virginia.
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right now, out in western maryland and allegheny county, getting a few sprinkles there. that's heading up into pennsylvania. this front is still draped off to our west. it's going to be sleeping through later today. with clouds and the chance for a passing shower. right now around the region, we're generally in the upper 40s to low 50s. most of the area and out of the mountains, too. it's in the low to mid 50s now. the chilly air not yet arriving there. we have a dense fog advisory, all these counties in gray including howard and prince georges, anarando, and the northern neck and the eastern shore. watch out for dense fog there this morning. sunrise, 6:45. we may have sun in and out through mid day and a cloudy afternoon as the front comes in. a blustery wind. but then by mid to late afternoon, it's a greater chance for maybe a passing shower, but still, it's a fairly small chance. we'll clear out tonight and get cold at midnight near 40. the wind will be blustery and
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cold tomorrow with highs near 50 and morning lows near freezing. chilly saturday, too, but bright and sunny with diminished winds. still chilly, sunny, near 60. maybe showers on tuesday. danella, how is traffic? >> good morning. still looking very good in our area. a lot of green. that means you're clear to go. checking travel times for you, starting off as you're crossing the wilson bridge, on the inner loop, you're at about 57 miles per hour. now moving up prince georges county as you make your way on the outer loop, you're at 60 miles per hour. and in montgomery county right now. outer loop, as well, 58 miles per hour at georgia avenue. as you continue on the outer loop, i'll give you a look at that right now. it's looking really good. volume is increasing just a bit, but no major delays and no accidents on the outer or inner loops here. now back to you both. >> thank you, danella. time right now is 4:53.
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today we're learning how many of you backed up your tough talk about banks and moving money because of fees. plus, you're going to have to stay up later or
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good morning and welcome
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back. the backlash from big bank fees has been big business for credit unions. more than 40,000 people switched from banks to credit unions last saturday, bringing some $80 million with them. the program started on facebook and was successful. bank of america dropped its plan to charge a $5 monthly debit card fee. a new wireless provider is shaking up the industry with an amazing deal. republican wireless is offering unlimited calling, unlimited texting and unlimited mobile data for $19 a month with no contract. the company says it's able to keep costs down by routing as much of its network activity as possible over wi-fi internet connections. those connections are better equipped for data intensive activities like streaming music and movies with no additional costs. attention bargain hunters. even more stores will begin their black friday sales the moment black friday begins this year.
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they will begin their thanksgiving sales at the stroke of midnight on november 25th. macy's, kohl's and target had already announced to open early on black friday. sipger egg brad paisley and carrie underwood hosted the cmt awards. miranda lambert won female vocalist of the year. taylor swift was the big winner. she was named entertainer of the year. >> congratulations to all those talented singers. >> absolutely. >> stay with us now. news 4 today continues at 5:00 a.m. straight up. chaos on the campus of penn state as students learn that joe paterno is out as coach effective immediately.
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plus, one of the washington nationals best players is missing this morning, kidnapped while in his home country. good morning. >> we're taking a live look outside right now. it's 53 degrees out there. a touch warmer this morning, but we have some changes in the forecast coming. we've had beautiful fallweather. hope you enjoyed it. >> yesterday was so dreamy. it really was like a dream. this can't be rule, this is november. but it's over. we are going to have colder weather moving in today. good morning. we've had a few clouds cruising through. there have been a few showers in eastern west virginia. now they're moving up into pennsylvania. and elsewhere, farther east, some breaks in the clouds and that bright, nearly full moon now in the western sky and it's going to be rising full this evening. between now and then, we'll have this cool front coming through


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